Angela (fiendishlycute) wrote in wolf_et_chicks,

Match Results!

As caligaridc says,
Image hosted by

I'm immensly thrilled at how everything went, and not just because the girls won, (Although that helps!) Next time we do this, it'll be even better!

Sorry for my girls and boys not fully understanding what was going on. They're all used to TWL settings.

A super shout out to my dream team, my girls, laura1289,goldeyes86,delaynee, you girls roxor my socks! Next time, I'm hoping kalonica can come to. A special thanks to nickeh_dur and Goldie's husband Shakes for playing. Some of the GoS team was also there, and although a few of ya were juvenile, cough D!rk, cough.. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

I had a great time!
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