Angela (fiendishlycute) wrote in wolf_et_chicks,

Wuz going on!

I'm thinking it's time for another girls vs boys match! Let me know ladies.
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yes. it is. can you arrange for a server? I took mine down for a while.

...and i need practice...
I'm sure I can get one, if we can drum up enough responses. =)
Awww, I want to!! But Im sooooo busy til the new year. Im out of state this entire weekend, and out of state Dec 22nd to late on Jan 1st.
I wasn't thinking until mid January or so.. Need to arrange for a server, and Kitten needs some practice, you might need some too (heh) I just wanted to see if there was an intrest in trying to drum it up.
Hell yeah I need practice! Not only because I haven't played in so long, but because I just got glasses and I am screwed up and am not used to these bad boys yet!!!
Rock on... glasses are teh awesome!